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A narration is aimed at telling a personal experience or describing something for others to learn or make key decisions about it. Writing this type of essay presents the writer with a lot of options that should, however, be carefully thought out. Your narrative may be used for different reasons. It could help you inspire other people or help them learn some important life lessons. It can also be used to tell reasons for the current state of affairs and so on.

Your narrative essay must adhere to certain writing standards regardless of the reason for which it is being written. Therefore, you should always endeavor to make sure that you have the right structure and organization from the beginning to the end. Proper planning is necessary for your success especially in coming up with a good topic for your speech or essay.

Key things to remember about Narratives

Writers who have had an easy time writing a narrative essay or speech have learned a few tricks and tips. Here are some of them that you could apply to help you in your writing:

  • Read other narratives. To be a good writer, you should spend enough time reading works by other people. Look for the best authors and learn from them. You should pick sources that are proven with the right content, particularly in your area of interest.
  • Learn different writing styles and tone. Your essay should be carefully written and crafted following the rules of writing. Your narrative could take a mix of both first-person and third-person narration and a casual tone. However, you should be careful enough not to mix up things.
  • Choose an interesting topic. Yes! Your topic should appeal to your readers and make them want to know more after reading the title. Everything counts throughout your essay writing. Make sure that you have the facts with you before settling on a specific topic for your essay.
  • Work with an outline. What would you want to cover in your essay? Make sure that it is well captured in an outline prior to getting started with the writing. With this outline, you will be able to capture every important detail that will make your narrative interesting to read.
  • Write a captivating introduction. Learn the art of winning the attention of your audience. A good narrative or speech should have a catchy phrase in the introduction. It should create curiosity in your audience to wait up to the end of your writing. Look for quality phrases and quotes that match your essay topic and include them in the introduction. They will help you build a coherent piece of writing and an interesting one for that matter.


There is no limit to what you can write in your narrative essay or speech. However, you should be knowledgeable enough to understand the needs of your audience. Work towards connecting with them right from the introduction. Your narrative will be as good as your creativity in writing it to the end.

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