Creative Essay Tips

Creative Essay Tips

Writing a Compelling Argumentative Essay

All other arguments are inconsistent. Only yours is right. This is the mentality and mindset you need when writing an argumentative essay. Your ability to compel will, however, be based on facts and not mere assertions. Take the time to study what others have said concerning the subject under discussion and bring out the best of argument from your viewpoint. This is the main objective of writing an argumentative essay. Why is your opinion better than what others have said concerning the same topic?

In-depth research is key for professional argumentative essay writing. Every bit of information is useful in writing quality essays argumentatively. You should be ready with enough information to convince your audience on why your opinion counts. There will be both strong and weak counter-arguments. However, you should be ready to disapprove all of them, particularly if they are totally different from what you believe is right about the chosen subject.

The best argumentative essay topics

So, what is the best argumentative essay topic to write about? Well, there will be a lot of options to pick from but the best ones come from deep research. Your arguments should be compelling enough and of special interest to your audience. Here are sample topics to write about:

  1. Gender influences learning and education
  2. Boys are likely to do better than girls in science subjects
  3. Girls develop faster than boys of the same age
  4. Poverty is a mindset and not a lack of opportunities
  5. Homework is good for students
  6. Online classrooms are much more effective than physical classrooms
  7. Overprotective parents don’t help develop their children 
  8. Women should be given direct nomination to the parliament
  9. The media is the voice for the disadvantaged
  10. Racial stereotypes are a creation of the media

The above is a non-exhaustive list of topics that you could write about. In most cases, people have had different views on the same topics. It is now your time to showcase your understanding of the same topics. Here are important points to remember:

  • Argue with facts. As you write your argumentative essay, it will do you a lot of good if you can use facts. Remember to provide evidence of why you are taking a certain stance. Always point to a certain fact and information from credible sources. That is the only way to build a strong argument throughout your writing.
  • Discredit other arguments. In your writing, it may help to state what others feel on the same topic. Most importantly, endeavor to show the inconsistencies in their arguments. That way, you will be making a good move in the right direction. Again, you need facts to show flaws in their arguments.

Bottom Line

Arguments must always be sound and accompanied by facts. As a writer, you should always endeavor to state your opinions using all the available facts and information to state your case. Don’t hesitate to pick enough points to make a strong argument. The more you can appeal to your audience, the more strong your argument becomes.

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