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  • Mother’s Brewing Company

    • Project Goals

      Mother’s Brewing Company in Springfield, MO is a good group of people who love what they do: brew badass craft beers. The kids at Mother’s like to cut loose, and they wanted their site writing to show it yet compete well for SEO.

      Here are a few ways I did that:

      • Hit the SEO elements but avoided a heavy hand
      • Used an easy-going, casual tone
      • Cracked jokes to break up any tedious info or necessarily detailed descriptions
      • Got up close and personal with Mother’s tasty beers
      Writing SEO content for Mother's Brewery in Springfield was fun.

      To start the uphill SEO climb for Mother’s,
      I targeted smart terms:

      • mother's beers
        ranks # 1 - 4 of 10,700,000 results
      • craft brews
        ranks # 2 of 489,000 total results
      • american blonde beers
        ranks # 2 of 2,700,000 total results
      • brown beers
        ranks # 16 of 10,700,000 total results
      • springfield india pale ales
        ranks # 1 of 129,000 total results

      *All results last tracked on 09.23.11

      I target attainable SEO terms for Mother's, focusing on its Springfield location.

      To break down Mother’s brewing process,
      I kept it simple and clear:

      • Touted high alcohol levels without sounding like a drunkard:
        "How does Mother’s brew such heady craft beers?"
      • Maintained consistent parts of speech to aid memory retention:
        Each heading is a noun, and each sentence jumps right to the action/verb in the first few words.
      • Explained any beer jargon:
        "... we separate the sugar liquid (referred to as wort) from the grains..."
      Even the brewing process image includes SEO writing in the image alt attribute.

      To protect the youngsters, I wrote copy for the site’s gateway:

      • Played off a mom's duties:
        "Like any good mother, we can’t turn a blind eye to underage drinking."
      • Was clear and firm:
        "No ID? No way."
      • Reminded users good things can wait:
        "If you’re jumping the gun, run along for now. We’ll be here with open arms on your 21st birthday."
      Balancing SEO with fun writing is key.

      To reflect the brand, I kept it light when letting users know what matters to Mother’s:

      • Most importantly to users, great beers:
        "Mother’s is a growing family that’s all about heady craft beers."
      • People and good times:
        "We’ve also got a whole lotta love for our friends, neighbors, local and global communities, good food, and living it up."
      • Brewing beer with care:
        "So we started our own brewery, and we’re producing as much love per barrel as we possibly can."
      • Sense of community:
        "So sip away, and consider yourself one of the family."
      The Mother's site needed SEO writing that captured its brand.
  • Spin Mentor iPhone App

    • Project Goals

      The Spin Mentor app lets users choose increasingly difficult spin class routines and hear their own iMix music playlists while they exercise. I used various writing styles and techniques to help ensure the success of the app, regarding sales as well as usability and benefits for users:

      • Wrote fun yet clear spin class routine and level descriptions
      • Wrote clear, quickly readable instructions
      • Wrote engaging and persuasive SEO-ready copy for the promotional site
      • Used a tone that resonates with driven people (or those who wish they were)
      • Wrote a memorable tagline that also describes the app: “Pro Spin Classes. When & where you want them."
      I used SEO ready writing to sell Spin Mentor beyond Springfield, MO.

      To drive traffic and sales, I targeted logical, focused key terms:

      • spin classes
        shown in iTunes Store featured header area, even before filtering by Media Type to narrow results
      • spin classes app
        ranks # 1 of 1,300,000 total results
      • spin class app
        ranks # 3 of 1,440,000 total results
      • pro spin classes
        ranks # 4 of 2,830,000 total results
      • pro spin class routines
        ranks # 1 of 3,030,000 total results
      • spin class routines
        ranks # 23 of 138,000 total results

      *All results last tracked on 06.14.11

      I used SEO writing techniques to promote Spin Mentor on iTunes, for sales outside Springfield, MO.

      An iPhone app has a tough job—keep users interested when a million other apps are screaming for their attention. So people actually use the app, I wrote copy that does the following:

      • Establishes credibility:
        "Revamp your daily exercise routine with challenging workouts designed by our professional spin class instructor."
      • Assures people the app is easy to use:
        "Getting started is as easy as 1, 2… well, you know:"
      • Provides clear instructions that follow proven style standards, like starting steps with the same parts of speech:
        "1. Choose your session. 2. Select your playlist. 3. Start your workout."
      My SEO writing gets Spin Mentor traffic in Springfield and all over the world.

      So people benefit from the Spin Mentor app by, you know, exercising with it, I appealed to their competitive natures and even vanity when naming and describing routines (as shown here with MVP-level routines):

      • Got the Stomach?
        "Pretty people envy your body."
      • Never Say Die
        "Maybe you can cheat death."
      • Iron Will
        "Put the pedal to the mettle."
      Motivating users and using SEO ready writing was crucial for sales in Springfield and around the globe.

      To convince users they’ve found the app that’s right for their workout needs, I used audience-specific appeals:

      • Chose language competitive, self-motivated people can respect:
        "intense, professional workout; challenges you; sleeker, healthier you"
      • Showed personal concern:
        "Ready for an intense, professional workout that challenges you,
        not your budget?"
      • Noted convenience and
        individually-dictated benefits:

        "With your custom iMix at your fingertips, you’ve got all you need to spin your way to a sleeker, healthier you."
      SEO and writing techniques bring traffic from Springfield and everywhere to the Spin Mentor site.
  • Buses at the Brewery

    • Project Goals

      When Dan Spencer said he was organizing a Buses at the Brewery event and wanted me to write and do SEO for the site, I couldn’t wait. It’s a happy challenge to write copy good enough to sit with Dan’s design and Chad Spencer's dev., and this site was no exception. I hit our goals to make the content all you’d expect on a VW bus site:

      • Wrote laid-back yet informative copy
      • Targeted high-scoring SEO terms
      • Condensed info to better fit the design
      • Created headings and callouts that grab users' attention
      Buses at the Brewery needed SEO and fun writing.

      To let people know about the Buses at the Brewery event, I targeted key SEO terms:

      • vw buses beers
        ranks # 1 of 2,350,000 total results
      • volkswagen bus enthusiasts
        ranks # 4 of 2,580,000 total results
      • vw buses enthusiasts
        ranks # 4 of 1,160,000 total results
      • vw buses event
        ranks # 7 of 43,800,00 total results
      • vw buses swag
        ranks # 1 of 222,000 total results

      *All results last tracked on 09.23.11

      My SEO results for Buses at the Brewery are steadily improving.

      I piqued users’ interest with a few simple yet proven writing devices:

      • Spoke the audience’s language:
        Many VW bus lovers associate swag with good music, good vibes, and good times. That makes it perfect to set the tone for this event.
      • Announced prizes to sweeten the deal:
        "With every paid entry, we’re giving a quality pint glass [...] And that’s just
        for starters."
      • Sparked curiosity with a teaser:
        I mentioned "you can score an awesome swag-stuffed goodie bag" but didn’t kill the intrigue by spilling the exact details.
      I used SEO terms the Buses at the Brewery audience would use.

      To persuade users to act immediately, I made reserving a room clear and easy:

      • Eliminated any confusion about a sleepover event:
        "Sorry, kids: There’s no camping
        on site."
      • Offered solutions so users know the event promoter cares:
        "But here’s the 411 on some nearby camping and hotel options:"
      • Optimized links for SEO purposes:
        I wrote link title attributes that offer info and target SEO terms. The attributes appear when users mouse over the links.
      I used title attributes to help SEO and give users more info.

      To ensure even the registration form wasn’t entirely boring, I wrote as if joining users in casual conversation:

      • “Don’t sweat pre-registration;
        just show up.”
      • "And, yes, we take plastic."
      • "Register the old school way:"
      • “Download the entry form and send it our way with a payment.”
      The Buses at the Brewery registration form has a conversational tone.
  • Habitat for Humanity

    • Project Goals

      A nonprofit organization, Habitat Springfield relies on donations from its website users to serve the community. As one80one writing director, I worked with writer Lindsey Davis and focused on crucial aspects when writing and editing for Habitat:

      • Created compelling calls-to-action, encouraging donations and volunteering
      • Wrote SEO-ready content
      • Organized info-heavy content into easily manageable sections that won't overwhelm users
      • Used tone that reflected Habitat's mission and values throughout writing
      Main sample image of Habitat ReStore and Habitat for Humanity of Springfield writing and SEO.

      To improve Habitat Springfield’s placement in search results, we targeted important terms:

      • Habitat Springfield MO
        ranks # 1 & 2 of 54,400 total results
      • Project ReHabitat
        ranks # 1 & 2 of 4,930 total results
      • Volunteer Habitat Springfield
        ranks # 2 & 3 of 1,060,000 total results
      • Donate Habitat Springfield
        ranks # 3 & 4 of 1,080,000 total results
      • Habitat ReStore Springfield
        ranks # 1 of 817,000 total results

      *All results last tracked on 09.10.10

      SEO and Google results for the term "Habitat ReStore Springfield."

      To recruit volunteers, I used themes meant to resonate with the midwestern audience:

      • Responsibility to the community:
        "Habitat Springfield recognizes that constructing homes builds hope while building our community."
      • Power of the individual:
        "Without volunteers like you, we would be unable to build lasting relationships and provide hope to families in need."
      • Assumption that individuals will help:
        "How will You build hope?"
      • Ability to overcome adversity:
        "No building experience? No problem. [Our] volunteer construction crews need both seasoned builders and beginners."
      Writing highlights from the Habitat Springfield Volunteer page.

      To increase donations, I used numerous persuasion methods:

      • Played off Habitat's well known Get Involved slogan:
        "Get Invested: Donate to Habitat Springfield and Help Build Lives."
      • Drew empathy for people:
        "To help struggling local families rebuild their lives, Habitat for Humanity of Springfield needs donations from caring community members like you."
      • Showcased the overall goal:
        "One local habitat. One little goal: safe, affordable housing for all."
      Writing highlights of the Habitat for Humanity of Springfield Donate page.

      To immediately grab users' interests, I used various appeals:

      • Chance to join peers:
        "Who's Building Springfield? Join Compassionate Construction."
      • Fact that suffering is close to home:
        "Your donation will help build safe, decent, affordable housing for families struggling to survive—right here in Springfield and Greene County, MO."
      • Instinct to work for change:
        "Roll up your sleeves to help build Habitat homes & hope in Springfield."
      Collage of writing highlights from the Habitat Springfield homepage.
  • Sadie's Sideboard


      Sadie's Sideboard is a Branson buffet that needs its site to wow users who plan their vacations online, so they won't risk missing Sadie's BBQ and buffet when they visit Branson. As New Media Samurai writing director, I met crucial goals when writing the site copy:

      • Established warm, friendly tone that reflects folks in The Ozarks
      • Wrote SEO-ready content
      • Sealed the deal with meal descriptions
      • Ensured the site is a resource vacationers use often
      Image of Sadie's Sidesboard Branson Buffet website.

      To improve Sadie’s Sideboard’s placement in search results, I targeted the following terms:

      • Branson BBQ Buffet
        ranks # 1 of 8,740 total results
      • Branson Buffet
        ranks # 10 of 151,000 total results
      • Branson BBQ Restaurant
        ranks # 6 of 112,000 total results
      • Branson Breakfast Buffet
        ranks # 5 of 30,700 total results
      • Branson BBQ
        ranks # 19 of 139,000 total results

      *All results last tracked on 09.10.10

      Branson Buffet google results for Sadie's Sideboard.

      To ensure website traffic becomes foot traffic at Sadie's Branson buffet, I did the following:

      • Cited popularity, building credibility:
        "Since 1982, our [...] restaurant has been a part of happy memories for countless Branson visitors and locals alike."
      • Provided Branson entertainment info, establishing the site as a resource:
        "You're sure to fall in love with Branson on your own, but we figure a little insider info about our hometown can only add to your Branson experience."
      • Offered exclusive discounts, letting users feel like VIPs:
        "Join our email list for exclusive coupons and other promotional invitations."
      Writing highlights from Sadie's Sideboard Branson Buffet site.

      To drive users to the site, I wrote seasonal newsletters, using writing devices to keep readers' attentions:

      • Heading that's familiar and inviting:
        "Here Comes the Sun!"
      • Content that promotes Branson:
        "After a hearty, fresh breakfast buffet, we'd start with some swimming and sunning in beautiful Tablerock Lake, [...] catch an award-winning show, and finally settle down for a cold drink and barbeque ribs, slow-smoked to perfection."
      • Fact that Sadie's is family-oriented:
        "Like so many of you, the Sadie's family imagines the perfect summer day."
      Email marketing for Sadie's Sideboard Branson Buffet website.
  • one80one

      As one80one writing director, I led creative direction on the copy and established the tone for the digital agency's website. Writing with Jessie Cannady, Caleb Copeland, and Lindsey Davis, I ensured we met the following goals:

      • Used an edgier style
      • Wrote headlines and callouts that grab users' attention
      • Covered technical topics in an entertaining way
      • Reflected the personalities that made the agency great
      • Drove users to contact the office
      Image of one80one, a creative agency offering SEO and web development, hompage.
      To improve one80one’s search rankings, we targeted the following key terms:

      • digital creative agency springfield
        ranks # 1 & 2 of 24,700 total results
      • digital creative agency mo
        ranks # 3 of 19,100,000 total results
      • creative agency springfield
        ranks # 3 of 1,060,000 total results
      • SEO content strategy springfield
        ranks # 1 of 15,600 total results
      • creative agency mo
        ranks # 12 of 268,000 total results

      *All results last tracked on 09.11.10

      Google results for SEO target term "digital creative agency mo."
      Web development firms offering SEO and design aren't exactly rare. If you want to stand out from the competition, you better impress potential clients. I wrote to entertain users:

      • Make them laugh:
        "Come on, baby, when you gonna give up those digits?"
      • Put them at ease:
        "Really, though, cheap come-on aside, let's get together and talk shop."
      • Make communication easy:
        "Just complete the quick and easy contact form below, and we'll get back to you right away."
      Writing highlights for contact page of web design and SEO firm's website project.
      To earn interest immediately, we built the brand on its best asset—the talented innovators who once led one80one's work:

      • Young, hungry, and bold:
        "Ready to meet? Contact us. Take things a little slower? Size up our work, see our services, or mull over our process."
      • Diverse and experienced:
        "Each personality we hire brings a rich history of professional experience..."
      • Easy going and funny:
        "And, hey, our mothers assure us we've got some winning personalities of our own. So unless you think our moms are liars, you can trust that you'll actually enjoy working with us."
      Writing highlights from project for one80one SEO and web design agency.
  • Mother's Brewing Company


      Mother's Brewing Company in Springfield, MO is currently rocking out some amazing craft beers. Mother's will first make its goodness available in the Midwest this spring and will expand from there. We're developing the full website now. In the mean time we created a fun splashpage to help get people talking:

      • Established friendly, inviting tone
      • Covered the crucial details for the brand
      • Targeted a couple of key terms to pave the way for future SEO efforts
      • Invited user interaction
      Mother's Brewing Company brews craft beers in Springfield, MO.

      To set the tone for the brand's style and voice, I kept things lighthearted and fun:

      • Played with the Mom angle:
        "Trust your Mother's on this one: Life is meant to be enjoyed."
      • Introduced the brewer for credibility:
        "Our brewmaster loves what he does, and he's currently creating craft beers that'll make the every-day moments in life something to celebrate."
      • Made it clear that the Mother's team is all about good times and great beer:
        "If you spend your time sipping incredible craft beers with some fun-loving friends, you're making Mother's proud."
      The Mother's Brewing Company splashpage highlights craft beers as what Mother's knows best.

      To bring users back, I let them know the full site is coming soon:

      • Wrote a heading that plays off the thing Mother's does best:
        "Mother's Website: It's Brewing."
      • Teased the upcoming site:
        "While it's true a mother's work is never done, we promise this site will be finished before you know it."
      • Invited users back, casually:
        "Drop by again soon."
      • Used humor to make the social networking invite more compelling:
        "You can find us at our favorite online hangouts—where we'll keep you loaded with craft beer info..."
      The complete Mother's Brewing Company website is brewing, along with their craft beers, in Springfield, MO.

      To gain ongoing interaction, I asked users to opt in for the Mother's newsletter:

      • Wrote a heading with the emotional appeal of getting letters from Mom:
        "Get Mother's Notes."
      • Leveraged the fact that not all users dig social media:
        "Not into the whole social media thing? No problem. We'll keep you posted with our progress by email."
      • Reassured users that Mother's is trustworthy, playing off the idea of a protective mother:
        "And don't worry; Mother's always protects your info."
      Subscribe to Mother's Notes to learn about Mother's Brewing Company and craft beers in Springfield, MO.
  • LAMP Online High School


      A free public high school online, LAMP (Learn at My Pace) gives students a chance to earn a degree without a rigid daily schedule. As New Media Samurai writing director, I focused on these major goals for the site:

      • Used tone teenagers can relate to
      • Wrote SEO-ready content to increase website traffic
      • Organized written content into logical sections on the site
      • Ensured prominent callouts, quickly guiding the often impatient target users to the info they need
      Minnesota Online High School, LAMP, website homepage.

      To improve LAMP’s placement in search results, I targeted the following key terms:

      • learn at my pace
        ranks # 1 & 2 of 7,030,000 total results
      • learn at my pace high school
        ranks # 1 & 2 of 51,300,000 total results
      • lamp high school minnesota
        ranks # 1 & 2 of 320,000 total results
      • lighting the path to your future
        ranks # 2 of 3,750,000 total results
      • core high school online minnesota
        ranks # 18 of 2,950,000 total results

      *All results last tracked on 09.10.10

      LAMP online high school Google search results for "learn at my pace."

      To increase student enrollment, I used the following to ensure the process was clear and appealed to young people:

      • Credibility and attainability:
        "Graduating from LAMP Online High School, a state-approved Minnesota public school, is a goal you can reach—at your pace."
      • First-person, so readers feel invested:
        "Orientation helps you learn about LAMP [...], how you can best reach your educational goals, how to be a successful online learner, and more."
      • Speed and ease:
        "Does it sound too easy? Really, it's
        that easy!"
      Writing highlights for LAMP online high school in Minnesota.

      To drive website traffic and enrollment, I wrote a marketing email focusing on the following:

      • A tone that engaged and resonated with high school students:
        • "You'll love LAMP for finally giving you control of your education."
        • "If you've not decided on a career yet, no worries: LAMP's wide range of classes will let you discover the career path that's right for you."
      • The fact that courses were available to all students:
        "We Leave No Path Unlit."
      • The hook, posed as a question:
        "Why is LAMP a great opportunity?"
      Minnesota Online High School email marketing for LAMP online school.
  • Katie's Voice


      A nonprofit organization, Katie's Voice has one goal—spread awareness and prevention of DVT/PE symptoms. As one80one writing director, I worked with the site's writer Jessie Cannady to accomplish the following:

      • Incorporated emotional appeals to drive donations and volunteering
      • Ensured SEO-ready content to get the message to more people
      • Maintained professional tone with often-personal information
      • Established site as a reliable resource for DVT/PE information
      Image of Katie's Voice DVT Prevention website.

      To improve placement for Katie's Voice in user searches, I targeted the following:

      • Katie’s Voice
        ranks # 1 & 2 of 14,100,000 total results
      • Support DVT Treatment
        ranks # 3 of 2,210,000 total results
      • Stop DVT/PE
        ranks # 4 of 26,600 total results
      • Support DVT Prevention
        ranks # 7 of 1,740,000 total results
      • Support DVT Awareness
        ranks # 6 of 311,000 total results

      *All results last tracked on 09.10.10

      Google search results for the term "Katie's Voice."

      To inspire users to join the cause, we incorporated effective motivational appeals:

      • Addressed the reader as if we we're speaking directly to her or him:
        "With your help, we can give hope and support life."
      • Used positive, doubtless terminology about the impact users can make:
        "By supporting our mission for DVT/PE prevention and awareness, you can help keep families together..."
      • Addressed the severity of DVT risks:
        "DVT treatment and prevention can reduce the number of DVT associated deaths each year."
      Writing highlights on the Support DVT Treatment page of Katie's Voice site.

      To gain repeat traffic, we established the site as a reputable resource for medical information about DVT/PE:

      • Encouraged users to avoid the risks:
        "Know Hope. Know DVT Symptoms, Risks, and Early Warning Signs."
      • Provided medical definitions:
        "Pulmonary embolism (PE) occurs when a blood clot breaks off into pieces and those pieces get into the lungs."
      • Included link to CDC, a clear authority
        *Ensured link opens in new window, so users don't leave the site before getting involved with the cause
      Writing highlights for the Katie's Voice site's DVT Symptoms page.
  • Midwest Reporters, Inc.


      Midwest Reporters, Inc. provides court reporting and related services in various midwestern states. As New Media Samurai writing director, I met the following goals to revamp the client's website content:

      • Established polished, professional tone
      • Wrote content with SEO in mind (though not contracted for SEO)
      • Structured the copy-heavy content into easily approachable sections
      • Used language that resonates with audience of lawyers and legal secretaries
      Image of the Midwest Reporters court reporting website homepage.

      To improve the site's ranking in users' search results, I targeted relevant terms:

      • Midwest Reporters
        ranks # 1 & 2 of 1,030,000 total results
      • midwest court reporters
        ranks # 4 of 2,150,000 total results
      • midwest court reporting
        ranks # 6 of 2,160,000 total results
      • midwest legal videography
        ranks # 3 & 4 of 369,000 total results
      • midwest court videographers
        ranks # 3 & 4 of 516,000 total results

      *All results last tracked on 09.11.10

      SEO example image of Google results for the term "midwest reporters."

      To impress the well-educated, discerning target audience, I touted the following:

      • Professional credibility:
        "Midwest Reporters, Inc. has built a staff of specialists ranging from certified legal videographers and court reporters to video and audio technicians."
      • Beneficial service:
        "We provide all the extras, so your legal team can easily concentrate on winning your trial or hearing."
      • Dedication:
        "Why are we so committed to excellence? Because our success depends on your success."
      Writing highlights for the Midwest Reporters' About page.

      To land clients, I showcased the company's best qualities when describing its services:

      • Comprehensive support:
        "From certified court reporters to in-house legal videographers, our expert staff is qualified to deliver wide-ranging services that strengthen your case."
      • Winning ways:
        "Our results are undeniable: Midwest Reporters helps your legal team win."
      • Quick delivery:
        "Midwest Reporters, Inc. understands our clients often need to use deposition testimony immediately, so we offer instantaneous transcripts."
      Writing highlights for the Midwest Reporters' Services page.
  • Queen City Rocker


      Queen City Rocker is the website for Bobby Skulls, former front man of The Rhones. To increase awareness of his solo effort, I created a new website. While handling development, copy editing, and SEO, I met the following goals for the project:

      • Maintained brash rock and roll style
      • Used best practices SEO techniques
      • Built upon the client's growing reputation and recent success
      • Established easy access to music
      Image of Queen City Rocker homepage, offering Garage Rock & Roll songs.

      To improve Queen City Rocker’s search results ranking, I targeted the following:

      • Bobby Skulls
        ranks # 2 & 3 of 1,130,000 total results
      • Sonic Slumlord
        ranks 1 of 85,200 total results
      • Queen City Rocker
        ranks # 3 of 316,000 total results
      • The Rhones
        ranks # 2 of 1,950,000 total results
      • queen city rock and roll
        ranks # 5 of 1,350,000 total results

      *All results last tracked on 09.10.10

      Google search results for SEO targeted term "The Rhones."

      To earn credibility with critical rock fans, who treat their playlists like exclusive clubs, I used the following appeals:

      • Noted his popular former band to spark immediate interest:
        "The Queen City Rocker and frontman of The Rhones, Bobby Skulls, has resurfaced."
      • Reflected an in your face attitude:
        "Hippies, pigs, and yuppies who discover Sonic Slumlord be warned: you will be crushed upon listen."
      Writing highlights for Queen City Rocker's Sonic Slumlord EP webpage.

      I never claim to be a developer, but I do know my way around code. For example, to create this site, I completely customized an appropriate template. Here's a small sample of what I did during development:

      • Adjusted functionality and design by using a development application and by updating the HTML code itself
      • Implemented a media player to showcase new songs
      • Used Photoshop to create and/or adjust images to reflect the EP's cover design
      • Included links to the sites of legendary rock musicians who played on the EP
      Writing highlights from the Bobby Skulls' bio page.
  • Wellness Provider Network


      WPN promotes natural health & wellness across the U.S. and offers member discounts at any health provider in the network. As one80one writing director, I met the following goals when writing the site copy:

      • Built awareness about the opportunity to join WPN
      • Promoted perks for members and providers alike
      • Implemented proven SEO techniques
      • Conveyed credibility through polished, accurate wellness information
      Image of natural health & wellness website for Wellness Provider Network.

      To continually increase visibility of the Wellness Provider Network brand and improve ranking in search results, I targeted the following search terms:

      • wellness provider network
        ranks # 3 of 1,010,000 total results
      • WPN benefits
        ranks # 4 of 14,900,000 total results
      • wellness provider network
        member benefits

        ranks # 20 of 1,080,000 total results

      *All results last tracked on 09.10.10

      Google results for SEO target term "wellness provider network."

      To gain members, I used appeals that ring true with the alternative medicine community:

      • Cited impressive statistics:
        "The wellness industry has seen sales explode to more than $500 billion annually, and it's quickly becoming the next trillion dollar industry."
      • Provided a solution to high costs:
        "Because WPN providers aren't struggling to reach new clients and survive the economy on their own, they can offer impressive discounts..."
      • Established interaction by addressing questions users would have:
        "How does the WPN benefit members?"
      Writing highlights for Wellness Provider Network member benefits page.

      To convince providers to join WPN, I focused on goals business owners commonly share:

      • Increasing client lists:
        "The WPN also makes it easy for providers within our network to meet—and ultimately treat—far more clients than they could as individuals."
      • Ensuring a practical benefit to investment ratio:
        "Along with positively impacting the wellness and health of far more people, becoming a WPN provider comes with impressive returns and very few requirements for you."
      Writing highlights for Wellness Provider Network provider benefits page.