Need White Label Writing & SEO?

SEO (search engine optimization) and branded website writing are highly coveted these days, and your web design or web development agency understands you better offer it to compete. But, hey, it's easier to promise good SEO and writing than to deliver it. Or maybe you've got killer writers, but you're booked solid and need a rush job to meet a deadline. Don't sweat it. I've led SEO and writing teams for national creative agencies, and I can finish your project on time and on budget, while exceeding the client's expectations.

I'll do the work; your agency can have the credit.

Writing & SEO in Springfield, MO

Whether you need SEO in Springfield, MO or need SEO nationwide, I'll improve your website writing and use effective SEO techniques to increase your placement in search results. But don't worry. I'm no Black Hat SEO “snake oil salesman” who promises first-page placement, only to stuff your site with keywords for short-term results that can't last. Those guys give SEO a bad name. Really, I think they're basically stealing, which may just earn them eternity in some special SEO hell.

For SEO results that stand the test of time, I use best practice techniques to put you front and center in relevant search results. I study SEO daily, and I understand that Google and other search engines demand well written content that gives their users the info they need and holds their attention for longer visits to your site. The bottom line? My SEO-ready writing will engage your users and improve your pagerank steadily over a realistic timeframe: generally, 3 - 6 months.

On-Page SEO

My SEO process starts with an on-page overhaul that ensures the writing resonates with your target audience while giving search engine spiders the must-have SEO elements needed for long-term SEO success.

After studying your company, your services, and your audience to thoroughly understand your brand, I write SEO-ready content, weaving keywords into all the right places:

  • URL file names
  • Browser titles
  • H1 and H2 headings
  • Bold font
  • Link anchor-text
  • ALT attributes
  • META tags
  • Body copy

But, unlike many inexperienced SEO companies, I never settle for muddy, confusing writing that would irritate users and undermine your quality.

On-Going SEO

For long-term SEO success, I offer ongoing link-building campaigns that target your audience while increasing your site's traffic and pagerank. To build ever-crucial links to your site, I'll write compelling articles, blogs, press releases, and social media posts that send users your way while building loyalty to your brand. I'll also use link anchor-text—the words that are actually hyperlinked—that targets specific keywords, improving your Google ranking for a given term.

What if your budget doesn't allow my monthly retainer service? Don't worry. I get it: Money is tight these days. But your success is my success, and I always have my clients' backs. I'll give you some great tips for conducting your own ongoing SEO campaign. I can turn you on to good social networks, good article distribution sites, good directory sites, good keyword research tools, and more. What's in it for me? A good reputation and, chances are, your next big writing project.